2019-2020 SGA executive officers and class officers

Congratulations to our new Student Government Association executive officers.

Jackson Davis, Vice President; Myles Neely, President

Congratulations to our class officers.

Senior Class

Back row (l to r): President: Jordan Clay; Treasurer: David Long
Front row (l to r): Vice President: Jocelyn Bringht; Secretary: Liliana Mohamed;
Historian: Brooke Kenworthy

Junior Class

Back row (l to r): Levi Bennett, Thornton Mitchell, Cole Dunham
Front row (l to r): Olivia Parkhurst, Emily Patterson, Kennedy Williamson

Sophomore Class

Back row (l to r): Grace Mihalko, Bo Scott, Landon Hale
Front row (l to r): Brooke Carter, Claudia-Ruthie Austin, Sophie Harms,

Freshmen Class

Back row (l to r): Blake Oswell, Madie Liberto, RJ Freeman
Front row (l to r): Makyah Thomas, Chandler Donlin, Shelby Williams