Payton Selby's photograph selected for "Aerie International" magazine

Congratulations to 2017 graduate Payton Selby!


Her photograph "The Collector" recently won a gold key at the 2017 Mid–South Scholastic Art Awards and now it has been selected for publication in the 10th edition of “Aerie International,” the only international magazine that features the art and writing of high school students from around the world. The photograph will be published along with the biography she submitted as part of the application process.

Oct TheCollectorByPaytonSelby.jpeg



Excerpt from what Payton wrote about her photograph. "It was taken at "The Dump" in Honduras. There were dozens of dump trucks coming in and out dumping more and more piles of trash. These people were forced to live on this mountain due to their poverty and would collect recyclable items to bring down the mountain and they were given change for these items. I photographed an older woman who was carrying a large bag of trash. I called the piece "The Collector" because she was collecting trash to make a living. It was heartbreaking but I knew I had to capture this life and bring it home to show others what was happening in our own world."