Colombian artist Jorge Yances visits the lower school campuses

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Lower school students participated in a study of Colombia as a part of a project-based learning experience associated with “Memphis in May”.  Earlier this month, Bridget Cornelius, the lower school visual arts teacher, introduced the children to the work of Jorge Yances, a Colombian artist whose work is currently on display at the Art Village Gallery in Memphis.  On Monday, May 15, Mr. Yances visited both Harding Academy lower school locations to share his paintings and discuss the influences of the Colombian culture on his work.  He focused on images of his hometown of Cartagena and shared memories from his childhood.  Yances’s art contains complex hidden images in the walls and scenery.  The children enjoyed looking for these embedded figures and asked many insightful questions about Yances’ work.  Students learned that the dance, the Cumbé, originated in Colombia and that the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies were filmed in Cartagena.  The students gained a greater appreciation for Mr. Yances’s work through this experience.  The visit was coordinated by Ephraim and Sheila Urevbu, Harding Academy parents and owners of the Art Village Gallery.

Photos of his visit to the White Station campus: