2017 Esprit de Corps Award

Congratulations to Chuck Hanson our 2017 Esprit de Corps award recipient.

The recipient of this year’s Esprit de Corps Award provided guidance and service to Harding Academy’s Board of Directors from 1991 – 2017. During those 26 years, he not only served as Chairman multiple times, but he also served as an Advisor to the Office of the President during a nine-month season between heads of school, Pam Womack and Trent Williamson. During that time, he provided invaluable wisdom and guidance to those serving as the Office of the President. His physical presence and leadership were a great labor of love for Harding Academy.

Having met his future wife at Freed-Hardeman College, tonight’s recipient graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Mississippi and was immediately employed by Velsicol Chemical Company. He served as the vice President of Environmental Health and Safety for a number of years and officially retired six years ago; although, he continues as a consultant to the environmental industry.

Even though tonight’s recipient nor his wife graduated from Harding, he attended Memphis Christian School for a time when it first opened, and she taught 3rd grade at our White Station campus for 12 years. They are also both Harding parents and grandparents! Their two sons were lifetime students at Harding Academy, graduating in 1985 and 1991, and both attended Harding University. Their older son is a physician with Laurelwood Pediatrics. He and his wife, have two daughters who have attended Harding: one, an alumna from the Class of 2013, and one who will be graduating this May - you have enjoyed hearing her play tonight under the direction of Colby Canterbury. Their younger son is a Professor of Art History at Calvin College. He and his wife, live in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with their daughter. The Harding community has been blessed by the legacy of this recipient’s family across many decades, and they have each made a lasting impression on their respective communities.

Members of White Station Church of Christ, tonight’s recipient and his wife have enjoyed a very personal ministry and service to Cambodian refugees over the last 35 years. His leisure time is most happily spent with family and boating on board the Mystique at Pickwick Lake.