Fifth grade visits JA BizTown

At JA BizTown our students experienced all kinds of jobs from operating banks and managing restaurants to writing checks. They even voted for a new mayor of JA BizTown.

This unique facility combines in-class learning with a day-long visit to a fully interactive simulated town. It helps students connect the dots between what they learn in school and the real world. Through the JA BizTown process, students are actively engaged in posing questions, investigating, expressing curiosity, solving problems, and assuming responsibility.

Each student had a job assigned to them for the day, ranging from CEOs and CFOs of corporations to health professionals, law enforcement, DJs, bank tellers, couriers, Grizzlies managers, and food service.

All of the students received BizTown “paychecks” and set up bank accounts. After a few shopping sprees and bounced checks, they learned how important it is to keep an accurate check register.




Lots of music and advertisements were shared on air and the atmosphere was lively. Our FedEx courier delivered letters and packages to businesses and individuals all over BizTown. Even the IRS tax man made his rounds!



At the end of the day, our Mayor of BizTown and Town Hall announced that business loans had been paid back to the bank, order had been established in town and the simulation was a success!

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More photos of the students at JA BizTown: