Homecoming 2016 - GLOW UP!

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Harding Academy’s week long homecoming festivities culminated with its traditional half-time presentations. Congratulations to Harding Academy’s 2016 Homecoming Queen Sarah Luttrell. Sarah was escorted by Parker Shikle.



(L-R) Freshmen Liliana Mohammed and Jack Smith; Juniors Kendall Force and Matthew Mihalko; Seniors Abigail Curtis and Seth Massey; Seniors Queen Sarah Luttrell and Parker Shikle; Seniors Isabel Lievens and Noah Sharp; Sophomores Gabriella Massey and Tully Day.

Seniors win JUGG!

Senior class officers: Collin Anderson, Kayley Underwood, Anna Claire Gaines, Marquavious Moore (president), Parker Shikle

Class of 2017

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Homecoming Week information

Friday assembly information:
11:40 Dismiss seniors for picture taking in auditorium
12:30-1:10 Assembly (auditorium) seniors march in, show video
1:15-1:45 Skits in auditorium
1:55-2:35 Grand Finale (Ellers)

Monday – Thursday evenings:
Freshmen are dismissed at 8:30
. If students need to ride home with older siblings, Mrs. Welty will stay with those students in her classroom.
Sophomores, Juniors & Seniors are dismissed at 9:15.
All students must be off campus by 9:30.

Dress up days:

“Rest Up (Pajama Day)”
Rest up in your favorite pajamas! Bring your pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals to compliment your appropriate sleeping attire. You'll need all the rest you can get for the big week ahead.

“Hip Up (Hippie/ Hipster)”
Whether bell-bottoms or skinny jeans are for you today is the day to be a hippie or hipster. Bring out flower crowns or beanies, tie-dye or band tees and choose whether you want to be "Far Out" or stray away from the "Mainstream."

“Channel Up (Nickelodeon/Disney Day)”
Today is the day to make your favorite childhood show a reality. Whether you prefer Hannah Montana or SpongeBob, come dressed as your favorite character from either Disney Channel or Nickelodeon. Maybe even get a whole cast together!

“Suit Up (Superhero Day)”
It's your turn to be hero today. Whether super or civil come dressed as your favorite hero to battle the forces of evil. From firefighters and doctors to Superman and the Incredibles, all heroes are honored today.

“Glow Up (Spirit Day)”
Get ready to Glow Up in your most spirited attire! Come decked in white blue and red and be ready to show your spirit! Pom-poms and face paint welcome!