Harding Excels with 30+ ACT Club

On Friday, April 1 we added two more students to the 30+ ACT Club. Congratulations to Callie Stubbs and Noah Robison.

At the beginning of the school year, Harding recognized ten seniors and two juniors who had achieved a 30 or higher composite score in one testing on the ACT through induction into the 30+ ACT Club. On Friday, February 5, five seniors and seven juniors were added, resulting in a total of fifteen seniors and nine juniors in the 30+ ACT Club. Members now include:

Asha Bradford
Caleb Cranford
Macey Darnall
Micah Dempsey
Ian Fitzhenry
Hayley Ford
Anna Horner
Wilson Hughes
Brittain Lawrence
Wesley Lim
Wade Linder
Ana Pridgen
Emily Sanders
Jack Webber
Karli Williamson
Callie Stubbs

Collin Anderson
Abigail Curtis
Rhys D’Souza
Grant Hill
Sarah Luttrell
Nathan Ruble
Parker Shikle
Jack Vernon
Jonathan White

Noah Robison

Students who score a 30 or above composite score are within the top 5% of students taking the ACT nationwide. Harding now has a total of 24 students in this group - verified by experts outside of our school.

As of February, 15% of our senior class has scored in the top 5% in the nation on the ACT. Well done, class of 2016!