Canstruction 2016

Congratulations to our Canstruction team!

They won "Most Creative" and "Biggest Meal." Harding donated 5,816 cans to the Memphis Food Bank, the equivalent of 5,008 pounds of food.

Harding students came through for the Canstruction team by donating over 5500 cans of food! After the competition the cans will be given to the Memphis Food Bank. The competition is this Friday, April 15. For more info on Canstruction click here.

Filling UP Bellies is the theme for our Canstruction project this year. Canstruction is an international charity competition where students compete to design and build giant structures made entirely from canned food. At the close of the competition, all of the food is donated to local food banks. 

Students in the AB and BC calculus classes are asking each grade to bring in specific cans:
7th Grade–Red
8th Grade–Yellow
9th Grade–Green
10th Grade–Wood Paneling/White
11th Grade–Black
12th Grade–Light Blue

Design description:
Ever since he was a boy, Carl Frederickson had dreamed of traveling to Paradise Falls, where everyone has enough to eat and no child goes hungry. Along with his childhood friend and love of his life Ellie, he schemed, saved, and tried his hardest to realize their shared dream. Years later, Carl finally seizes the opportunity to make the trip in the home he and Ellie shared for so many years. He teams up with Russell the Wilderness Explorer, who needs his Hungry Helper badge, to make the trip. Help Carl and Russell get their dream off the ground, so they CAN make hunger go up, up, and away!