6th grade field trip to the Memphis Zoo

Recently students in our 6th grade classes toured the Memphis Zoo and enjoyed an educational class about the Zambezi River and it’s ecosystem. They learned about the effects of human pollution on the animal and plant populations found near the Zambezi River. The students were also introduced to a friendly Spider Tortoise and a Chuckwalla. They documented the trip with their school iPads in order to produce a slideshow project about the endangered species when they returned to school. So many opportunities for fun, and just hanging out!

Click here for more information about the Memphis Zoo.

Daniel, Jaylon, Blake, RJ, and Sam get to know a Spider Tortoise.

Sara, Chloe, Lydia and Danielle have a meet and greet with a Chuckwalla.

Sixth graders use iPads to take pictures and notes during a workshop at the Memphis Zoo.

Andrew acts as the ocean receiving pollution after it has traveled down the Zambezi River.

Bella, Skyler, Lauren, and Shelby try their hand at the bongos.

 Having fun at the Memphis Zoo.

Having fun at the Memphis Zoo.