Our fifth grade classes visit JA BizTown

On October 12 our fifth grade classes visited JA BizTown on Madison Avenue to participate in an all-day business simulation.

In preparation for the field trip, students learned about the economy, work readiness, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy. They studied human resources and the soft skills necessary to be a model employee, then they applied for and were assigned jobs at JA BizTown.

When they arrived at the facility, the students went to their assigned business and prepared for their work day. The CFOs filled out paperwork, applied for start-up loans, met with bank executives (other students), and wrote checks for their businesses.

Workers completed various tasks depending on the company for which they were working. For example, the health care manager at Baptist Wellness/Fitness Center used a blood pressure monitor, checked height and weight, and helped people work out on the treadmill or recumbent bike. Chick-fil-A workers sold popcorn, cookies, and drinks.

Students received salaries, paid taxes, and learned how to work in a business. They also applied for checking and savings accounts, deposited paychecks, withdrew cash, and maintained a checkbook register. They were also allowed to donate to a charity while there, and our students more than doubled the amount of money that was the goal for the philanthropic branch of the simulation.

It was wonderful to see them working so hard to excel at their simulation jobs. Although this study only lasted four weeks, the experiences they encountered will last a lifetime.

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