"Why I Love Harding" Yard Signs

As you know, Harding's admissions team extends beyond the physical walls of its office; teachers, students, and our families all play an important role in retaining and recruiting additional great families for our school! You are invited to participate in this year's campaigns by displaying a lawn sign in your yard. This website serves as a landing page which shares pertinent information or videos about upcoming events at Harding.

The curbside exposure, in addition to your word-of-mouth advocacy for Harding, plays an important role in our admissions team. If you do not already have a lawn sign, simply email admissions with the subject "Why I Love Harding" and include your child's full name and location; we will deliver the signs to your student's campus in a timely manner.

At your earliest convenience, please display the signs in your lawn at an angle that will maximize exposure from both sides of the street. You will receive future emails to remove and/or resurrect the signs as campaigns warrant. Please store the signs in a dry area until which time you are notified to return it to your yard. Should your sign become damaged or distressed due to weather, please contact the admissions office for a replacement.