Memphis in May and Harding Academy Salute Poland

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As part of the Memphis in May salute to Poland, the Harding White Station campus was selected to host the Living Traditions Folk Ensemble who gave a dramatic, interactive, and educational presentation of the life and culture of Poland. Performers were dressed in beautiful costumes from each region of Poland, and they explained the purpose and meaning each costume item including headdresses, belts, shoes, and even buttons. The students were amazed at how much each costume weighed. The guests also demonstrated traditional dances and musical accompaniment. “From the royal style with an elegant Polonaise Mazur suite, to the rollicking axe dances of Carpathian shepherds, to the military inspired Czárdás originating in Hungary, to Polish-American polka, the repertoire is wide and always growing.” Part of the presentation even included Polish word games. At the conclusion of the assembly, the troupe stayed to meet the students in early childhood (ages 2–senior kindergarten) and give them the opportunity to ask questions and allow them to try on various parts of their costumes.

Living Traditions Folk Ensemble was created in 2000 to keep alive the dances, songs, culture, and heritage of Eastern Europe.

See the pictures and article in the Commercial Appeal.

Harding lower schools hosted a Memphis in May Open House (at both Cordova and White Station) on Tuesday, May 19, from 3:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Pictures from the Living Traditions Folk Ensemble performance at Harding Academy White Station are below.