Lower School enjoys Poetry Palette

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Harding Academy hosted its first annual Poetry Palette, a performance based event
that provided students the opportunity to recite original works of poetry that were composed during library classes. Beginning in January (2015), Mrs. Boone taught students in grades SK-6 about various of types of poetry, and then worked with students to help them create original poems. Next, students selected their favorite poems to submit for a national poetry contest. A committee chose the best entries from these selections for the Poetry Palette event, and students were invited to participate. The event was unique and audience showed appreciation for the student poets by snapping their fingers! This was an original event for Harding Academy, and the students thoroughly enjoyed this experience. (read a sample of the wonderful poetry - below the photo grid)

Riches you think are money
Big houses, fancy cars
Riches you think belong to
Music and movie stars
Real riches also be
The mountains, rivers, skies, and seas
The universe and all its stars,
That’s what real riches are
The poor man on the corner
Without a penny to spare
He’s kind with a smile on his face
His laughter fills the air
For when his riches come to thought
It may seem there’s nothing there
You may not see it at first
But he’s richer than a billionaire
You may think riches are beauty and grace
But what is worth more is the smile on your face

by: Willow Blythe
5th grade

A Hidden Land
Thoughts and emotions deep inside
A hidden world that's hard to find
Frogs and princes
Hoods and witches
All heads up and you shall listen
To my journey through a world
Filled with lots of boys and girls
Some like you and some like me
But there's much more that you can see
Castles and the big bright sky
But do you see the darkness passing by?
Potions, poisons, and dangerous thieves
The world of happiness underneath
Creatures that you never knew
Witches that turn you into stew!
Don't look closely or you'll get canned!
Adventure in a hidden land.

by: Anela Meesomboon
6th grade

How sad it was an apple that feel from thee
that a woman took a bite of and had to flee
she cried and cried with Adam by her side
all because the devil was in her eye

by: Skyler Bean
4th grade

My Sister and I
I walk with my sister
We walk in the woods
We walk together, it makes us feel good
I have blonde hair, my sister has brown
When we are separated, it makes us frown
I have my sister, my sister has me
When we’re together, it fills us with glee

by: Eve Steakley
5th grade

The Man Who Went to Dwaine
There once was a man in Dwaine
The city had a lot of rain
Their mascot was a cat
That ate a bat
Why they’re vices and they’re vain

by: Chandni Karuhatty
4th grade

The Beautiful Flower
If I see a flower with magic power
I’ll put it in the pond
and turn it into a wand
I take the wand into my hand
And say, “I wish I had peace in all the land.”

by: Naatya Kudumula
1st grade

Yummy, yummy, yum
I go with a sound as my tongue touches
My ice cream smooth and tasty
I say with a lick as I taste a bit more
More than a bit
Sweet and squishy
Yummy and sweet
Nothing like a sweeter day with ice and me

by: Hannah Pieh
3rd grade