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Excellent Performance by Harding's STUNT Team!

Congratulations to Harding's STUNT team for an excellent showing at the first ever exhibition game. STUNT, the new competitive team sport derived from cheerleading, had its Tennessee debut Monday, April 20, 2015, right here in Shelby County, at Briarcrest Christian School. The Harding Academy STUNT team competed head-to-head with the Briarcrest STUNT team in an exciting, one-hour game format. Thanks to all the Harding families who came out to support the team!

STUNT is the fastest growing women’s sport in the country. “Half a million girls are involved in high school cheerleading in the US, but there are very few opportunities to take those athletic skills to the college level,” Commissioner Heidi Shafer explained. “I am so pleased to see that Harding and Briarcrest, two schools in Shelby County, are the first in Tennessee to roll out this exciting women’s sport.”

 STUNT has been successful at the college level for five years in many states, and meets Title IX requirements for equal or expanding opportunities for women. STUNT was developed by USA Cheer, located in Shelby County, with collaboration from groups of Title IX experts as well as known coaches and experts in the All-Star and traditional cheerleading community throughout the country.

Meet our 2015 STUNT team: Ellie Arnett, Carson Arnett, Macey Darnall, Hayley Ford, Kristen Gaines, Ashley Howard, Tekia Lillard, Alana Peery, Katelyn Prine, Mindy Shafer, and Cameron Smith. Our coaches are: Lori Arnett, Charli Gonder, and Shannon Majewski

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Pictures from the April 20 STUNT Exhibition Game