2015 Esprit de Corps Award Recipient

Congratulations to Mrs. Marilyn Dempsey!

We are proud to announce that our 2015 Esprit de Corps award recipient is Mrs. Marilyn Dempsey. Mrs. Dempsey has been a supporter of Harding Academy for over 30 years. While her four children were students in the 80’s and early 90’s, she was one of the most active mothers in the Cherry Road Parents Club and was instrumental in orchestrating the Bargain Bonanza fundraiser in the mid 80’s. Even after her children graduated, Mrs. Dempsey continued her support of Harding Academy.

Mrs. Dempsey is married to James Dempsey and their children and grandchildren who attended Harding Academy are listed below:

  • Ed Dempsey 1981
  • Shawn Dempsey Knight 1982
    • Danny Knight 2006
    • Sarah Knight 2008
  • Chris Dempsey 1990
    • Micah Dempsey 2016 (current junior)
  • Alicia Dempsey Byer 1993

Throughout the history of our Esprit de Corps and Taste of Harding fundraisers, Mrs. Dempsey was often the first sponsor to book a table or give to a campaign. She is a strong businesswoman who has strong convictions, and we appreciate her more than she knows.