Harding Welcomes Fellowship Memphis

Harding is unique school community that is a beautiful representation of the Kingdom of God at work in our city. We know that Harding is more than a school and are thankful for your willingness to share your children with us.
We believe we are obligated to steward the resources with which we are blessed to further the work of the Kingdom in our city. Our "Statement of Faith" boldly proclaims that "Harding seeks to strengthen its relationships with all Christian fellowships who share the faith described in this document, that we may build one another up and work collectively for the growth of God's kingdom in Memphis. It is our desire to be an institution that intentionally serves our city as a source of restoration, reconciliation, and reformation." It is our desire to use our facilities in ways that honor God and in ways that further His work in our community.
Beginning December 24, Fellowship Memphis will be moving into our Cherry Road facility on for their Christmas Eve service and Sunday services, thereafter. Their first Sunday in our auditorium will be Sunday, December 27. For more information about Fellowship Memphis, check out their website at and watch this video highlighting this exciting announcement
We are particularly thankful and excited about this Kingdom partnership. Beyond the obvious practical benefits, we are excited because it solidifies our commitment to work collectively with others for the growth of God's Kingdom in our community as we welcome over 500 new guests to our campus.

As always, we believe that if we strive to honor God in everything we do, He will honor our efforts. We are thankful that Harding Academy will be faithful in supporting others in a manner that honors God, and we are grateful that we have the opportunity to show hospitality to Fellowship Memphis as we work together for the truth and for the Kingdom.