Harding Grants Make-A-Wish

On March 31, a wish was granted for John Robertson, a sixteen-year-old from Cedar Point, TN. His wish was for a Polaris UTV. The Harding Academy Cherry Road campus worked during January and February to raise the funds to grant his wish. Efforts were led by the senior class officers (Emily Rowsey, Ryan Merritt, Cristian Santiago, Mary Ellen Learned, and Cayleigh Birdwell), the SGA officers (Matt Holman, Tyler Dove, Jay Curtis, and Ashlyn Dixon), and their sponsors. They hosted Jeans for Wishes Day, a bake sale, the Make-A-Swish basketball tournament, and donation days. Harding raised $5,368.88.

In order to facilitate the surprise, John and his family were invited to the Cherry Road campus where he thought he was going to meet some students who wanted to raise money for his Make-A-Wish. They family was welcomed at a reception and then asked to stay for Harding’s spring sports pep rally which would end with a class spirit competition. John and his family were asked to guest “spirit judges.”  When the time came to announce the winner, senior class officer, Emily Rowsey announced, “The winner is....John!  Your wish has been granted!”  The Polaris UTV was brought out by a host of students through the Harding Lion Tunnel.  It was a wonderful, touching moment for everyone.