Inclement Weather Message

Harding Academy will be OPEN (ALL locations including Little Harding)
at normal times tomorrow Thursday, January 18, 2018.

However, we understand that there are still very slick portions of side streets, driveways, and even some major roadways. Parents, please use discretion for your own children and in consideration of the safety of roadways that you and your children will be using, feel free to keep your child at home. If you do not feel comfortable sending your child at the normal start time and would prefer to come in late, that is understandable. Likewise, if in your discretion, you do not feel comfortable sending your child at all - that is your prerogative and decision to make.

Our bus service will run on the normal schedule, and we will resume classes following our normal start times.

PLEASE drive slowly and very carefully giving yourselves ample space and time to arrive safely.