Student Government Association

The purpose of this organization is to promote the spirit of Christ in the attitudes, thoughts, words, and deeds of our students through servant leadership. It is hoped that Harding Academy will rise to a new level of glorifying God by teaching student leaders how to behave in a Christ-like manner as they encourage, motivate, and inspire those that they have been chosen to lead. Our prayer is that the elected student leaders will always strive to put God first in the decisions made that will impact our school and community.

Christianity molds everything in the daily activities of Harding Academy. The Student Government Association (SGA) integrates our students’ spiritual life and school spirit into all aspects of school-life such as homecoming, chapels, big brother/big sisters, service projects, and Spiritual Emphasis Week. The SGA consists of five elected executive officers and five elected class officers for grades 9-12.

Executive Officers (l to r): John Denney, Historian; Jamie Ezell, Vice President; Thomas Rovery, President; Austin Morse, Treasurer; Jackson Davis, Secretary

Class Officers

Senior Class Officers
President: Baytes-Gabriel Jordan
Vice President: Jada Laws
Secretary: Alton Taylor
SGA Rep: Alaina Abbott
SGA Rep: Max Cagle
SGA Rep: Kiah Hoff

Junior Class Officers
Myles Neely
Jordan Clay
Jocelyn Bringht
Brooke Kenworthy
Liliana Mohamed
Mary Paige Rowsey

Sophomore Class Officers
Cole Galbreath
Thornton Mitchell
Cole Dunham
Emily Patterson
Kennedy Williamson
Olivia Parkhurst

Freshman Class Officers
Landon Hale
Bo Scott
Michelle Mihalko
Brooke Carter
Sophie Harms
Claudia-Ruthie Austin