Little Harding

At Harding Academy we believe that the the best creative art experiences for young children emphasize process over product. When children are able to express themselves creatively, they develop self-esteem.

The students in the Forest Room created a masterpiece with handprints. Using a large artist’s canvas and paint in beautiful fall colors, they worked as a class to create this beautiful scene.  This work of art, as well as other creative pieces, are on display in our school’s foyer.

Art Appreciation: Experiencing other people’s artwork gives children a sense of wonder and an eye for detail. The teacher guides students to discover meaning in the art and to make connections between the piece and the world around them. 

Expressive Art: Children need opportunities to express themselves creatively. They also need experiences with all kinds of media and tools to discover their own artistic gifts and joys. 

Music: Music is also a core element of a quality creative arts curriculum because of its soothing and inspiring qualities. More focused music performances (show and share, concerts, and skits) help children practice articulation and sequencing while gaining confidence addressing groups.