Lower School (SK–5)

Harding Academy’s lower school program is devoted to providing each child a safe and loving Christian environment in which the Bible is taught along with the academic and social skills necessary for future success.

Welcome to Lower School

Harding Academy is filled with passionate teachers and administrators whose mission is to instruct, mentor, love, and nurture children. We are blessed to have the opportunity to partner with parents in their children’s educational journey. We know that a child’s first years of school are vitally important in creating a solid spiritual, social, and academic foundation. God has gifted young children with strong, flexible minds that are uniquely equipped to develop rapidly through learning experiences that allow them to explore, question, and collaborate. In the lower school, we want to teach children to love learning, to be willing to take on challenges and solve problems, and to be confident in their faith in God in all circumstances. These goals are accomplished by providing children with a variety of instructional and experiential learning opportunities including direct instruction, project-based learning, choice-based experiences, collaborative learning, small group instruction, differentiated lessons, and individual instructional support.

We believe that God has blessed each child with unique talents and challenges. Therefore, it is invaluable to give children opportunities to develop a better understanding of themselves as learners. The lower school offers specialty classes that are designed to expose children to a variety of experiences including foreign language, physical fitness, fine arts, scientific investigations, and literary learning opportunities. Through these explorations, children discover their strengths, work through challenges, and develop personal interests that last a lifetime.  

At Harding Academy, we are dedicated to providing children with a safe, fun, and engaging learning environment. We believe that building a strong community of parents, students, teachers, and administrators is the key to continuously improving our school.  We look forward to developing relationships with you as we work together to promote your child’s success to the glory of God. If you would like to learn more about our school, please email me.

Betsy Kolznak
Lower School Principal

Our Goals

  • Develop an understanding of God, a faith in Him, and a respect for his Word.
  • Emphasize academic skills, higher order thinking, and creative expression. 
  • Instill a love for learning.
  • Teach self-control, responsibility, and a respect for authority and the feelings, rights, and property of others .   
  • Involve the family and community in developing the whole child.


Harding is accredited through the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and National Christian School Association (NCSA). SACS is a regional accrediting agency under the umbrella organization of AdvancEd.

iPad Program

Harding issues a personal iPad to each student in grades 6–12. Each classroom from Senior Kindergarten–grade 5 is equipped with iPads at a minimum ratio of one iPad for every three students.  Technology is used to enrich the children’s daily learning experiences and to teach them skills for being responsible and productive members of our ever-growing digital society. Learn more about the iPad program.