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Departments and Offices

+ A–Z Central Offices

Office Name Position Phone
Academic Office LH Debbie Simpson Director of Little Harding | Blog (901) 624-0871
Academic Office LS Betsy Kolznak Lower School Principal | Blog (901) 767-5344
Academic Office MS/US Paul Fisher Middle/Upper School Principal (901) 312-2849
Admissions Office Alanna Mizell Director of Admissions (901) 767-4494
Admissions/Advancement Office Kellee Bowman Administrative Assistant (901) 767-4494
Athletic Office Greg Eubanks Athletic Director | Head Coach Varsity Boys Basketball (901) 767-4466
Athletic Office Joe Galloway Assistant Athletic Director (901) 767-4466
Athletic Office Seth King Middle School Athletic Director (901) 767-4466
Athletic Office Tabias Hood Lower School Athletic Director (901) 767-4466
Business Office Greg Howell Chief Financial Officer (901) 683-2440
Business Office Tricia Mullins Student Billing and Payroll Accountant (901) 683-2440
Business Office Linda Rolf Deposits, Accounts Payable (901) 683-2440
Campus Life Scott Frizzell Director of Campus Life (901) 767-4463
Campus Life Jenna King Campus Minister (901) 767-4463
Campus Life Seth King Campus Minister (901) 767-4463
Communications Office Candice Goff Creative Director (901) 312-2846
Communications Office Debra Sisson Communications Coordinator (901) 312-2846
Counseling Services Sarah Banker Director of Counseling Services and College Counselor (901) 763-3280
Counseling Services Melissa Canterbury Counselor Grades 8–12 (901) 763-3280
Counseling Services Bridgette Carter Counselor Grades SK-7 (901) 763-3280
Counseling Services Patti Leath Administrative Assistant (901) 763-3280
Facilities Department Brian Birdwell Director of Facilities (901) 683-4506
Head of School Trent Williamson Head of School (901) 767-4998
Library Upper School Jessica Holland Librarian | Media Specialist (901) 312-2866
Student Services Office MS/US Melinda Webb Administrative Assistant (901) 767-4462
Technology Office Doug Pinkerton Director of Technology (901) 312-2838
Technology Office Anna Cranford Operations Manager (901) 312-2838
Technology Office Jane Maness Technical Support Specialist (901) 312-2838

+ Academic Offices | Little Harding and Lower School

Office Name Position Phone
Cordova Little Harding 18 months–JK Debbie Simpson Director | Blog (901) 757-1008
Cordova Little Harding 18 months–JK Anna Barber Assistant Director (901) 757-1008
White Station Little Harding 18 months–JK Debbie Simpson Director | Blog (901) 767-4063
White Station Little Harding 18 months–JK Wendy Walker Joachim ('96) Assistant Director (901) 767-4063
Lower School SK–Grade 5 Betsy Kolznak Principal | Blog (901) 767-5344
Lower School SK–Grade 5 Christy Cobb Assistant Principal (901) 767-5344
Lower School SK–Grade 5 Mary Lu Haynes Administrative Assistant (901) 767-5344

+ Academic Offices | Middle and Upper School

Office Name Position Phone
Academic Office Paul Fisher MS/US Principal (901) 312-2849
Academic Office Grades 6–8 Dawn Gilreath ('85) Administrative Assistant (901) 767-4463
Student Services Office Melinda Webb Administrative Assistant (901) 767-4462

Campuses | Faculty & Staff

+ Little Harding | Cordova

Name / Email Grade / Subject Blog
Barber, Anna Assistant Director
Clayton, Laura Grace Assistant Teacher, 18 months
Hamilton, Hannah Teacher, JK Blog
Jones, Tamika Assistant Teacher, 18 months
Kidwell, Hannah Lead Teacher, 2-year-olds Blog
Lawler, Kim Lead Teacher, 2-year-olds Blog
McWilliams, Michelle Resource Coordinator
Miller, Pam Lead Teacher, 18 months Blog
Parson, Chauncey Lead Teacher, 3-year-olds Blog
Robinson, Enseia Assistant Teacher, 2-year-olds / Floater
Simpson, Debbie Director Blog
Sisk, Meadruth Floater
Spence, Tonia Assistant Teacher, 2-year-olds
Strange, Ann Assistant Teacher, 3-year-olds
Thompson, Gina Assistant Teacher, 2 year-olds

+ Little Harding | White Station

Name / Email Grade / Subject Blog
Baker, Tori Assistant Teacher, 18-months
Chapple-Baker, Rosa Assistant Teacher, 2 year-olds
Carter, Lisa Assistant Teacher, 2-year-olds
Costa, Veronica Assistant Teacher, 18 months
Cottrell, Susan Resource Coordinator
Galloway, Rebecca Teacher, JK Blog
Gatlin, Mallory Teacher, JK Blog
Joachim, Wendy Walker ('96) Assistant Director
Lieske, Katie Lead Teacher, 2-year-olds Blog
McBride, Jenna Lead Teacher, 18 months Blog
McKinnie, Cindy Lead Teacher, 18 months Blog
Meza, Val Lead Teacher, 2-year-olds Blog
Noel, Karen Floater
Rikard, Dorothy Lead Teacher, 3-year-olds Blog
Seward, Robi Assistant Teacher, 3-year-olds
Simpson, Debbie Director Blog
Wadlington, KayAssistant Teacher, 3-year-olds
Wood, Tasha Lead Teacher, 3-year-olds Blog

+ Lower School | Cherry Road

Name / Email Grade / Subject Blog
Adkins, Angie Grade 2 Blog
Burns, Laura ('91) Performing Arts and Science Lab Blog
Carter, Bridgette Counselor Grades SK-7 Blog
Clay, Velvetta Teachers Aide
Cobb, Christy Assistant Principal
Cornelius, Bridget Visual Arts and Library Blog
Douglas, Susan Grade 1 Blog
Essary, Paige ('84) Senior Kindergarten Blog
Force, Debra Teachers Aide
Fussell, Kim Grade 5 Blog
Haynes, Mary Lu Administrative Assistant
Henager, Alicia Spanish Blog
Hood, Tabias Lower School Athletic Director, Physical Fitness Blog
Jamerson, Maggie Grade 1 Blog
Kolznak, Betsy PrincipalBlog
Matthews, Valarie ('84) Grade 3 Blog
McBride, Cheryl ('82) Grade 5 Blog
Powell, Debbie Grade 3 Blog
Stewart, Brenda LionCare, LionCamp, LEAP Coordinator, Ride Waiting Coordinator
Turner, Claire ('85) Senior Kindergarten Blog
Underwood, Lori ('91) Grade 4 Blog
Woods, Rachel Grade 2 Blog

+ Middle and Upper School | Cherry Road

Name / Email Grade / Subject Extracurricular Assignments
Allen, Johnny Government/Economics Varsity Football Head Coach
Arnett, Lori ('89) Science 6, Science 7, Mad Scientist Varsity Cheer Sponsor, Varsity Volleyball Assistant Coach
Aycock, Jennifer Theatre Director, Drama, Speech, MS Improv International Thespian Society, Junior Thespians, Film Club, AV Coordinator
Banker, Sarah Director of Counseling Services, College Counselor
Canterbury, Colby Band Director, Beginner Band, Junior Concert Band, Senior Wind Ensemble Tri-M Music Society, Theatre Musical, AV Coordinator
Canterbury, Melissa Counselor Grades 8–12 Girls of Harding, Guys of Harding, Campus Life Ambassadors, Bridge Builders
Carter, Bridgette Counselor Grades 6–7
Cunningham, Corey Social Studies 6, History 8, Psychology National Geographic Bee
Efaw, Eddy Art 1, 3-D Art Department Chair, Institute for Faith and the Arts
Efaw, Shana ('90) U.S. History (AP), World History, Humanities (Honors) Department Chair, Model UN Sponsor, Rho Kappa
Eubanks, Greg Athletic Director Varsity Boys Basketball Head Coach
Fisher, Paul MS/US Principal, English 8 Ambassadors for Christ, MS boys soccer coach
Fowler, Dr. Charlie Bible 10 (Story of Jesus), Bible 11 (Story of the Church) Bible Club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Frizzell, Dr. Scott ('07) Director of Campus Life, African American History (Honors), American History 10 National History Day
Galloway, Joe Assistant Athletic Director Volleyball 7 coach
Gilreath, Dawn ('85) Middle School Administrative Assistant Communications Office Assistant, Fine Arts Department Assistant
Goddard, Paul Geography 7, Government/Economics, Bible 6 MS House, Chess Club
Goddard, Vicki Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Into to College Algebra, REACH
Hawley, Laura Prealgebra 7, Algebra I 8
Heaton, Wendi Chemistry (AP), Chemistry (Honors 10), Introduction to Engineering, Physics (Honors)
Henager, Alicia Spanish III, Spanish IV (AP), LS Spanish International Club
Holland, Jessica Librarian Jr. Beta Club, Duke TIP
Holmes, Sheronda Science 8, Anatomy, MS Office Assistant Varsity Cheer Assistant Coach, MS Cheer Sponsor
Hood, Tabias Lower School Athletic Director, LS Fitness Varsity Softball Head Coach, Varsity Football Assistant Coach
Howle, Harrison Beginner Chorus, Junior Chorus, A Cappella AV Coordinator
Irwin, Leslie Accounting, Computer Applications, Algebra I 9 Department Chair, Science National Honor Society
King, Jenna Campus Minister, Bible 8 International Justice Club
King, Seth Campus Minister, Middle School Athletic Director Varsity Track Head Coach
Knight, Jason Bible 12 (21st Century Christian), Religion and Ethics (Honors) Department Chair, Bible Ceremony Coordinator
Michael, Carol REACH Coordinator Early Morning Testing
Morgan, Jane Precalculus 12, Precalculus (Honors 11), Calculus AB (AP), Calculus BC (AP), Algebra II (Honors)
Murphy, Amy ('81) English 6, English 7, English 8 Spelling Bee
Palacios, Dana ('04) Spanish I, Spanish II, English 6 International Club
Pence, Lindsey French I, French II, French III, French IV, Etymology International Club
Perdue, Lisa Jo ('84) Digital Art, 2D Art, MS Art Anime Club
Phipps, Janelle Capstone English 12, English Literature (AP) Department Chair, National English Honor Society, Poetry Out Loud
Pinkerton, Donna Geometry, Geometry (Honors 10), Algebra ll Department Chair, Mu Alpha Theta
Rikard, Will ('09) AP English Language 11, British Literature 11, American Literature 10 Varsity Football Assistant Coach
Scott, Sloan ('11) Statistics, AP Statistics, Geometry, Mathematics 6 SGA Sponsor, Varsity Girls Cross Country Head Coach
Stafford, Tim Bible 6, Bible 7, MS Horticulture, US Horticulture Varsity Track Assistant Coach
Stevens, Al ('89) MS Boys Fitness, LS Fitness, Assistant Athletic Director Varsity Baseball Head Coach
Stewart, Brenda LionCare, LionCamp, LEAP Coordinator, Ride Waiting Coordinator
Wallace, Jacob ('06) AP Biology, AP Environmental Science, Chemistry, Physical Science (Honors 8)
Webb, Melinda Administrative Assistant | Student Services Office
Williamson, Trent Head of School, African American History (Honors)
Woods, Rusty Bible 9 (Story of Israel) SGA Adviser, Institute for Faith and the Arts, Varsity Boys Cross Country Head Coach

General Contact Number

Admissions (901) 767-4494