Bright Spot with Markova Reed - News Channel 3

We are excited to have Markova Reed from News Channel 3 visit our campus to film a "Bright Spot" segment. Each of our Student Government Officers was interviewed about what it means to serve and why they chose this project. They did an outstanding job. Several of our Early Childhood students were filmed pushing a cart full of supplies to the main lobby. They were quite precious interacting with the "grown-up" boys.  Markova got a kick out of the "CrushGrams" that were being sold - proceeds going to the Church Health Center. She filmed a portion of the segment holding a can of Orange Crush and explaining the concept to viewers. What a fun morning! Our collection will continue through Friday, February 4.

Our "Bright Spot" segment will air between 6:00am and 6:30am Thursday, February 3, and again between 4:30pm and 5:00 pm the same day with Alex and April.  It will also be available for viewing on their website for a week under "Good News."  We will also link to it from our website as well.