STEADFAST - A Marathon of Service

In early 2017, we passed the $1.6 million mark in our Steadfast Campaign. With just less than three months to go in our three-year campaign, I’m glad to announce that we are well over two-thirds of the way to our goal. We are asking for your help to finish strong and close out this campaign by raising an additional $525,000 by June 30.

If you are a first-time donor, please show your support by making a donation each month in April, May and June. If you have already donated to the Steadfast Campaign, please consider pledging an additional amount equal to one-half of your original Steadfast donation, or the additional amount that will raise your total donation to the Bronze, Silver or Gold level, so that your support of Harding and honoring of Coach Rubio will be memorialized on the Rubio Track signage.

We greatly appreciate all pledges to the Steadfast Campaign being completed by June 30, 2017 so that we finish strong!  

Please contact Jennifer Lawrence Webber if you would like to discuss the benefits of the exciting changes that are being made as a result of the Steadfast Campaign since the campaign launch in 2014.

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December 2015 video courtesy of Clayton Sharp, junior (class of 2018)