Varsity - basketball squad

Varsity - football squad

Head Sponsor: Lori Arnett

Middle School - football squad

Sponsor: Sheronda Holmes

Harding Academy cheer is available for all girls entering SK–grade 12. We have a peewee squad (SK –grade 2), lower school squad (grades 3–5), middle school squad (grades 6–8), and a varsity basketball squad, competition squad, and football squad (grades 9–12). The peewee and lower school squads cheer for our football teams; our lower school squad competes in local competitions. These girls also join our varsity cheerleaders at Back to School Bash, Lower School Night at the varsity football game, and the Pink Out varsity football game. They are sponsored by Maggie Jamerson and are coached by the varsity cheerleaders who lead them in cheers at games; this partnership allows our girls the unique opportunity to develop relationships that span our entire program. 

Our middle school squad cheers for middle school football, leads middle school pep rallies, and competes in local competitions. They also join our varsity cheerleaders are Back to School Bash, Lower School Night, and the Pink Out game. They are coached by Sheronda Holmes.

At the varsity level, the football squad cheers during the fall, and the basketball squad cheers through the winter. At this level, girls can choose to try-out for the competition squad, which competes in regional, state, and national competitions. Once on the competition squad, she must choose to cheer for either football or basketball or she may choose to cheer for both. These options allow girls involved in other sports or activities the opportunity to be cheerleaders for their student body. They are coached by Lori Arnett, Charli Gonder, and Shannon Majewski. 

The purpose of the Harding Academy cheerleaders is to create a cooperative spirit in the school and community, to promote good sportsmanship, and to encourage school spirit. We also want our cheerleaders to develop into responsible, honest, and hard-working teammates, athletes, and young Christian women. Most importantly, Harding Academy cheerleaders are expected to demonstrate high standards of conduct at all times, and glorify the Lord in all their efforts.

If you are interested in learning more about Harding Academy cheer, please contact Lori Arnett.