Apply or Inquire

Thank you for your interest in Harding Academy! We delight in providing challenging college-preparatory academics, an award-winning arts program, championship athletics, and a Christian foundation for every Harding student. The full application process is outlined below. We can't wait to meet you!

Application Checklist

1. Apply Online (click here)

2. Complete the Request School Records (download pdf)
➤ Applicants must submit recommendations from teachers of English and mathematics as well as recommendation letters from principals or counselors. All recommendation letters must come directly to Harding Academy via email or in sealed envelope(s).

3. Provide Evaluations
JK applicants
Applicants must submit evaluations from any previous preschool, daycare, or mother's day out, if applicable.

Grades SK–12 applicants
➤ If applying during a school year: applicants must supply copies of report cards for the current year and prior year.
➤ If applying during the summer: applicants must supply report cards for the two prior years.
➤ These reports should include academic grades, conduct, attendance, and work habits (if applicable).

4. Schedule Assessment and Testing
18 months–Junior Kindergarten
➤ 18 month, 2 year old and 3 year old applicants will complete a visit to the desired location and classroom accompanied by their parents.
➤ Junior Kindergarten applicants will participate in a group screening along with an individual screening designed to measure age-appropriate skills.
➤ Assessments and testing for 18 months through Junior Kindergarten are scheduled through the admissions office. Please call (901) 767-4494 or email the Admissions Office.

Grades SK–12
➤ SK: applicants will take a kindergarten readiness test.
➤ Grades 1–12: register for the Entrance Exam online (see below "How to Register for the Entrance Exam).
➤ Tests will be given at the Cherry Road campus and will be administered through the Education Records Bureau system.
➤ Harding accepts ISEE test scores from other approved ERB sites.

Registration Deadlines
➤ Registration is available up to three weeks before the test without late fee.
➤ Late registration is available after the three-week deadline has passed up to two weeks before the test date for an additional $20.

Deadline for the January test is January 7
Add $20 late fee for the January test beginning January 8 through 14
Cost of Tests: AABL–$65; (Grade 1)  ISEE –$105 (Grades 2–12)

Testing Dates, Grades, and Registration Codes

Test Date Test Grade Code
February 10 ABBL 1 Grade 1 H2RXUDD4
February 10 Primary 2, 3, 4 Grades 2–4 5YMYP2CD
February 10 Lower (5–6) Grade 5–6 27QYH6MF
February 10 Middle/Upper Grades 7–12 UEVKD5BR
April 7 ABBL 1 Grade 1 WQSRM3G7
April 7 Primary 2, 3, 4 Grades 2–4 29CKV6TB
April 7 Lower (5–6) Grade 5–6 FQNHRGRH
April 7 Middle/Upper Grades 7–12 7GR8LHRB

Registration Instructions:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Browse and/or Register for the ISEE" OR “Browse and/or Register for AABL”
  3. Enter the required information (Accommodation Request, Grade Applying For & State)
  4. Enter Invitation Code for desired Test Event Date in the appropriate field (Code is listed above)
  5. Click “Search”
  6. Test Event Details will appeal
  7. Click“Select this Event”
  8. Click “Yes” to confirm Test Event
  9. Complete Test Registration

If you have missed testing dates:
You may register for a test at another Independent school and have the scores sent to Harding Academy. To send the scores to Harding, you will need Harding’s ERB code (570762).

You may also register for a test at a Prometric test location (Grades 5-12). To register at a Prometric site, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Register for the ISEE at a Prometric Test location”
  3. Enter grade applying for and click continue
  4. Complete the required information

*The site will prompt you through the steps. You will need Harding Academy’s code (570762) to send scores to Harding.

5. To get to know your family a bit better please complete the questionnaire:
➤ Families applying for SK–Grade 5 will complete this parent questionnaire. Click here.
➤ Families applying for Grade 6–12 will complete this student questionnaire. Click here.

6. Complete an Admissions Interview
Grades SK–12: An interview for all ages is required before enrollment. After the previous steps have been completed, you will be contacted to schedule the interview. Students entering grades 3–12 will accompany their parents in the interview.