School Profile

Harding offers a strong, traditional liberal arts approach for the college-bound student. The diversity of our course offerings and the graduation requirements assure that each graduate will take with him a significant exposure in all major academic areas. At the heart of the Academy is our commitment to offer young people a source of truth, strength, and vision for living in today's changing world.

The School

Founded in 1952, Harding Academy is a coeducational, college-preparatory Christian school that serves students ages 18 months through grade 12 in East Memphis and Cordova. Harding Academy was founded to allow young people to have a Christ-centered education.

Main Campus: Our main campus is in East Memphis at 1100 Cherry Rd. where we house grades 7–12 as well as our central offices including admissions, business, development, communications, facilities, athletics, and the office of the president.

East Memphis: Situated in the heart of East Memphis are the main/upper school campus1100 Cherry Road and the lower school campus at 1106 Colonial. The upper school comprises of grades 7–12. The facilities include classroom buildings, two computer labs, a 1400-seat auditorium, and an extensive athletic complex (three gymnasiums, stadium, ball fields, weight room, tennis courts). The lower school campus at operates in the church of Christ at White Station comprises ages 18 months through Grade 6. It partners with the church for use of the gym, chapel, multi-purpose rooms, and cafeteria.

Cordova: The lower school campus at 8350 Macon Rd. Cordova comprises ages 18 months through Grade 6. The facilities include a Little Harding building (ages 18 months–Junior Kindergarten) and lower school building (Senior Kindergarten–Grade 6), two gymnasiums, three playgrounds, and cafeteria.


  • Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (since 1960)
  • National Christian School Association (2011)


Upper School (7–12)

  • Total Faculty: 54
  • Classroom Teachers: 40
  • Average Experience: 15 years
  • Advanced Degrees: 51%

Lower School Faculty (Grade SK–6)

  • Total Faculty: 34
  • Classroom Teachers: 22
  • Average Experience: 18 years
  • Advanced Degrees: 47%

Little Harding (18 months –JK)

  • Total Faculty: 22
  • Classroom Teachers: 18
  • Average Experience: 13 years
  • Advanced Degrees: 23%

School Hours

8:15 a.m.–3:15 p.m.Early Childhood 2–Grade 6
7:50 a.m.–2:35 p.m.Grades 7–12

Classroom Data

Grades Class Averages Max Class Size Faculty to Student Ratio
18 Months Old N/A 12 1:5
Two Years Old 14 16 1:5
Three Years Old 14 18 1:6
JK 13 13 1:6
SK 13 18 1:6
1–2 17 18 1:11
3–6 17 22 1:11
7–12 19 range 7–27 1:11

Child Care Options 18 months–Grade 12

Before-school Care (18 months–Grade 6) 7:00 a.m. until school begins (no fee)
LionCare (SK–Grade 6) until 6:00 p.m (after-school care) (fee-based)
Ride Waiting (Grade 7–12) until 6:00 p.m (after-school care) (fee-based)
LionCamp (SK–Grade 7)Open eight weeks during the summer; enrollment on a weekly basis (fee-based)

Lunch Program

  • Valley Services is our school food service provider.
  • Students can purchase lunch on a cash or debit card basis.
  • Students may also bring lunches from home.


  • An iPad is issued to each student in grades 6–12.
  • Each classroom from Two Years Old–Grade 5 is equipped with five iPad minis.
  • The wireless network extends throughout all campuses.
  • Learning Management System - Canvas


  • TSSAA Division II-A (Varsity and Junior Varsity)
  • Shelby League (Junior High)
  • Lower school team leagues (varied)
  • Summer camps begin with SK (varied)


Lower School
Cross Country (6, B/G)*
Soccer (SK, Coed)
Soccer (1–4, G)
Cheer (SK-6, G)
Flag Football (1–2, B)
Tackle Football (3–6, B)
Volleyball (5–6, G)

Upper School
Cheer (7–12, G)
Cross Country (6–12, B/G)
Football (7–12, B)
Golf (7–12, B/G)
Soccer (7–12, G)
Volleyball (7–12, G)

*Sixth grade plays with Jr. High


Lower School
Basketball (1–6, B/G)

Upper  School
Basketball (7–12. B/G)
Bowling (9–12, B/G)
Cheer (9–12, G)
Swimming (7–12, B/G)




Lower School
Tee Ball (SK, B/G)
Coach Pitch Baseball (1–2, B/G)
Softball (5–6, G)*
Baseball (3-6, B)
Soccer (SK, Coed)
Soccer (1–6, B)
Soccer (1–4, G)
Track (6, B/G)*
Tennis (6, B/G)*

Upper School
Baseball (7–12, B)
Soccer (7–12, B)
Softball (7–12, G)
Tennis (6–12, B/G)
Track (6–12, B/G)

*Sixth grade plays with Jr. High